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How can I make my Orion 37" tv to receive digital tv again?

I bought the tv a while ago and it has worked fine - but this morning I went to turn it on, and it simply reads 'database empty' when I try and watch the built in freeview.

Normal terrestrial tv works, its just the freeview. why does it say database empty? and i've tried pressing buttons on the remote when it displays this message but none work.


November 2007
The answer from Joe won't help because it is based partly on a misunderstanding. (BTW,this box is for Satellite Set Top Boxes. Freeview TVs are DTT Receivers.) However ...

As your Freeview TV used to work and ordinary analogue TV works I suggest that you try to do a Factory Reset. Have a look through the handbook. If you have lost it try pressing Menu on your remote. You are looking for reinstall or similar. Run the reinstall and see what happens. If you need more, post back on a NEW question.

November 2007
is the digibox in working order ie try it in another tv .?is the aerial working ok? if you are geting a good picture on the tv on analoge ? if the picture is ok but not brill you myte need to buy a tv amplifyer (for digital tv ) then reconet it the box . concet the aerail then the amplifier into the box an do a retune

November 2007


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