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aquadart shower doors?

I have 2 x Aquadart Oslo OWLC/7 inward opening doors fitted in 1995. The LHS inward opening door no longer opens so I am forced to step into the shower using the RHS!. I have emailed Aquadart twice and brought in a plumber, without success. Can anyone give advice as to how I can make the LHS inward opening door OPEN? I have looked for a YouTube video but can't find anything. TIA

Debs Champion
October 2019

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My redring EXM 520WC power shower is making a louder noise than normal and giving weak water flow. Any idea what can be the cause and how to fix it?...

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My thermostatic shower seems to stop if I do.not use frequently. sO have to leave it for a long time before the water comes out.Could this be an air lock problem?...

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Bath Taps?

I had a set of waterfall bath taps fitted and after only 14 months the water flow has reduced significantly. There is a filter fitted on the spout of the tap with 2 screws underneath, can these screws be removed to clean the filter without turning the water off....

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Aqulisa power shower?

When turned on my shower pump starts immediately at the strongest flow and when I turn the dial back the pump turns off and provides a very low flow of water. How can I rectify the flow from the pump ?...

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how do i fix fuse for mira advanced shower?

I turned the fuse off whilst shower was in use,and now fuse won't go back on how do I fix this ?...

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Thank you. Your answer sorted the problem on my Vivaro.

Aug 2019

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