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Question - mend, repair, fix

How to fix a lawnmower Flymo LWA 96?

This model lawnmower, Flymo LWA 96, is at the house of my neighbor. She's 93 now and for many years others have mown her lawn with it. For some reason it doesn't start working and my neighbor is too fuzzy headed to remember how the whole thing should look like in functioning mode. She is consistent in one thing and that's remembering some small part that needs to go somewhere, in this lawnmower. She's been staring into drawers filled to the brim with all sorts of bits and bops, which brought me to tears of silent laughter.
When I plug the lawnmower in and press the start button, nothing happens and there's no sound.
What seems to be wrong?

Marian B.
May 2019

Need to mend your Flymo lawn mower?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

LWA = Loudness Weighted Average
96 (or actually 96dB) is the amount of noise

I agree with the comment about finding a local Repair Cafe. One hopes searching for the hat isn't beyond you.

May 2019

Feeling offended for being told maybe? Oh Britain!
Uncomfortable silence? No fits of laughter?
I guess it's best to bring the lawnmower to the Repair Cafe today. In Britain we're fortunate to see that initiative growing. So that a knowledgable eye can examine it, for the mower doesn't seem at the end of
its life.

Marian B.
May 2019

LWA96 label is typically a warning of the amount of noise the machine produces. Here's a typical label. You may need to copy and paste the link address as this site doesn't allow 'clickable' links.

Why not simply go to the Flymo website and have a look at a few manuals.

May 2019

And another thing, a bit of feedback. When I fill the box with the security code, before publishing my question or response, a little white frame blocks the code, the data I need to see and copy.
Can't you change something on that spot, so that when I fill in the security code, the data remain visible? Thank you.

Marian B.
May 2019

Sorry, I can't make much of your answer. LWA96 is a number on a label that is on the lawnmower. What does that have to do with the noise of the mower?

You're ignoring the fact that I'm unfamiliar with terms like trigger lever, while you deal with them every day, probably. What's the trigger lever? I've never seen that lawnmower, it's alien technology to me, ha ha. You need to explain where that part is on the mower and how it looks like, otherwise my trigger lever goes potty. Thank you.

Marian B.
May 2019

Errr .. no.

LWA96 is the amount of noise the mower makes and us often on a label to warn people. Cue more tears of silent laughter.

If it's anything like a lot of lawnmowers, there is a safety pushbutton AND a trigger lever. One pushes the button and holds it in whilst pulling the trigger, then release the button.

May 2019

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Help wanted!
Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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