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Relight pilot.?

I know this question has been asked in Sept 2017 but an answer wasn't given. I was wondering if I could continue with a very similar one?

I have a Chaffoteaux and Maury Britony combi SE. It is supplied by a 47kg propane gas bottle as I live off grid in UK. Sorry, but I don't know how old the boiler is as I have just moved in and it was here when I arrived.

It was working fine but the gas bottles ran out and obviously the pilot with it. I have the manuals but i am not sure how to relight the pilot. A new gas bottle has been connected up but although I've pressed reset several times it wont fire up. Any advice please? I have a receipt from the previous owner showing it was serviced a year ago.

April 2018

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Thanks Snorky a very comprehensive answer :-}

May 2018

The Britony SE is an automatic ignition applance and doesn’t have a pilot light, a spark generator does the honours of lighting the gas.. if the gas supply has been interupted the boiler will ‘lock-out’ and the reset button on the SE’s sometimes doesn’t fully press the microswitch that is on the main pcb behind the fascia.. try switching the boiler off at the fused spur and back on to see if that works.. best advice tho’ is to get a registered engineer to take a look.. don’t ‘book a service’ as suggested though as the visiting engineer will expect to walk into an appliance that’s working and won’t have the allowed time to diagnose and fix the fault and the service. If your car breaks down you don’t book it in for a service do you.. you get it fixed. Don’t keep secrets, give the visiting engineer as much info as possible..
Chaffateux don’t exist anymore and were bought up by Ariston who immediately ceased all production of Chaffateaux boilers, expect to pay a lot of money for off the shelf new parts.. The SE never was a good boiler with multiple issues rearing their ugly head from undersized pumps to brittle pressure switches throwing up crazy fault codes, expensive pcb’s etcs, it’s a 15year old plus workhorse combi so spending anything more than £100 on parts plus labour is throwing good money after bad because after it’s fixed you’ll still have what is still a very old boiler.
I used to work for a local authority who had at least 3000 SE’s fitted and when one breaks down these days they just replace it..

April 2018

Thanks Dr rgjj

April 2018

It'll be due its annual service so get the engineer to recommission it

Dr rgjj
April 2018

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Amazing. Thank you for this ingenious fix.

Nov 2020

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