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Question - mend, repair, fix

AEG F34502VI0 Pro Intensiv Favorit Flood Detection Activated but no flood!?

Hi All,
Over the past couple of months, my less than three year old AEG dishwasher has been occasionally playing up. Once the programme was started, it would start the dreaded 'acoustic alarm' of three beeps with the three flashes of the End Programme light, repeatedly, with the drain pump going continuously, although clearly not draining anything.
I managed to get the programme to start by simply pouring water into the drain during the beeps, turning the machine off and back on, and this worked a few times, but has clearly not fixed the issue.
Today, I read various forum threads and opened the front cover to reveal the base tray where the flood detection system is, and found it to be completely bone dry, but the polystyrene float appeared raised and wouldn't sit on the base tray. I could still 'wiggle' the float up and down with an audible sensor click, but the whole mechanism seemed fairly moveable.
Having rang the AEG support line, the man told me it likely just needs the sensor blanking, but a repair from them would cost c.£130 (or I could sign up to the monthly guarantee at £15 a month), but I told them no thanks, and that I'd rather buy a new dishwasher.
Anyone got any ideas on how to rectify this issue/blank the sensor? I'm assuming that if I blank the sensor it will actually prevent the flood detection system working, which whilst will let me use the machine, leaves me a bit concerned about flooding?
To be honest if I can't repair it I will just replace it with a different brand, as AEG are clearly rife with issues!

Male nurse with a screwdriver set
January 2018

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

If you get the dreaded 3 beep flood detection alarm, and you keep clearing the water from the flood tray, then there is a real problem.
In my case was also getting intermittent 1 beep error code, that indicates not enough water. This could happen mid wash cycle or on fill. Water level was in fact very high.
On fill this could take a long time, and you could hear multiple fill cycles, resulting in an overflow and the flood tray filling.

The water level pressure switch was not activating properly, switch seemed OK when tested.
Replacing switch made no difference.
Cause is a blocked or partly blocked with gunge hose between the sump and pressure switch.
If you look at this hose and it appears discoloured at the sump end, then this is the problem.
Remove the hose at sump and and clean out. I used a long nylon cable tie, and warm water to flush with a large syringe.
Probing the sump to hose joint is also wise to remove any extra gunge.
This is a poor design, and dishwasher cleaner would appear not to get near this pressure pipe.
So manual cleaning, when you get a 3 beep error code and or a 1 beep code.

Fixed it for me, but the fault will return due to design.

Graham Hunter
January 2020

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May 2020

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