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Question - mend, repair, fix

Tefal ProExpress Turbo won't stop steaming !?

The steam button on my Tefal ProExpress Turbo seems to be permanently on - as soon as it heats up it starts steaming and you can not stop it. I can not even see how to get into the iron to look at the Steam button switch.

Simon Bray
December 2006

Need to mend your Tefal steam iron?

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Thank you The Fixer above did as you suggested and eventually it cleared and is now working better than ever.I eventually put 250ml water and white vinegar 50:50 mix into the steam generator tank and switched on the unit it continued to steam for several minutes when i then removed the portable front resevoir and kept operating the iron steam switch which appeared to clean the switch and rectify the problem.I then replaced the front half full resevoir and drew the remaining water through the unit to help clear the vinegar.When the whole unit had cooled flushed through the base generator tank with clean water.

John Robbo
April 2010

I tried vinegar and water as suggested and on the third attempt it cleared and is working fine now. Thanks for the suggestion!

Trevor Olsen
April 2007

I've had this on a 2930 & found that it was a chunk of limescale stopping the magnetic valve from closing. I removed the valve piston & cleaned out the limescale & restored functionality.
The piston is screwed into the tube that the solenoid is attached to. Remove the solenoid & gently use grippers to unscrew the valve watching out for the spring etc.
Have a good look inside the tube & clean as best you can.
Reassemble carefully & you should only have steam when pressing the iron button.
Another way may be to fill the heater, where flushing plug is, with 50/50 water & vinegar & switch the express on. This mix should disolve the limescale blocking the valve & stop the steam. Might take a while, try the mix in a kettle & see what it does!
Keep this site informed of progress as others will benefit.

The Fixer
January 2007

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steam leaking from main unit of tefal express pro?

when you press the iron for steam none comes from the soleplate of the iron but only from the main unit. any ideas...

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tefal protect turbo steam iron fault?

green steam led flashing,iron gets hot but green led will not stop flashing so no steam.any ideas whats causing this?...

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Press steam button, click but no steam?

I have a Tefal Pro Express. Gave it a good descale recently. Now when I turn it on the green light is constant straight away, instead of flashing while it warms up. When I press the button on the iron you hear the click from the base but no steam is released. Any ideas please....

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Tefal express auto control spits brown water?

My tefal express auto control keeps spitting out brown water to the extent I am afraid to iron whites. Two shirts already spoiled. Only has an anti calc collector at side but this doesn't seem help - is there another way to clean the inside of the iron? Only 2 years old. Last one lived with me for 8...

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not on?

My tefal steam iron is not working at all. I replaced the fuse but still the same the power is not on. My question is what happen to my tefal express iron?...

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How to correct continuous steam on my Tefal Anti Calc iron?

I have rinsed out the Anti Calc reservoir thoroughly every time light has come on. Now when iron is switched on there is continuous steam spurting out. What is the best type of descaler to use on this iron and by what method ?...

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How can I fix my iron?

The Tefal Express Compact Generator is leaking from the bottom. I put the water in the reservoir and it pours our of the bottom....

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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