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Sani plus toilet stop running ?

Sani plus toilet stop working today, I could hear the motor making a noise but the blades don't seem to move. Could there something stuck causing the blades not to move? Or would i have buy a new unit

Dan Salgado
March 2014

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As above answer if the motor is humming but the blade is not turning carefully give it a spin with a screwdriver blade if it then runs up it's the capacitor that's gone & needs replacing.

You can take the motor apart I have been doing it for 25 years now, just lift the tabs, it is oil filled, will make a serious mess every where and can be really hard to get back together so its easier to say it's not possible to take apart.
The bearings are 608 open seal skate board / roller skate bearings with 4 back to back standard shaft seals keeping the oil in.

Basically if the motor turns freely without power applied but hums & wont with power applied either the Capacitor has blown or the motor is bust no point in digging any further into the machine you need a new one !

April 2015

Hi Guys,
Probbaly a bit late but may be of help to people in the future.
After checking that there are no blockages preventing the cutter impeller from spinning freely connect up the electric to the motor, push the rubber membrane up or stand it on a small screw driver to hold the switch on and the if motor is humming quickly spin the impeller or cutting head carefully with a screwdriver if the machine starts and sounds ok run it for 5 min or so from cold (time it)
if it still sounds ok replace the cap with a 10 - 12mf 440 volt
ac cap from Maplin or RS a 10,12,14,15mf all work.
If the motor sounds like a buscuit tin full of marbles replace the machine.

November 2014

I have the same problem... I have taken it apart, cleaned it all up, wired to a plug and tested by pressing the pressure switch - the blades do not spin but the motor hums. Nothing caught in the blade part and motor appears impenetrable, so suggests the motor has failed (impeller?)
If I could take the motor section apart that'd be good but I can't open it, anyone help there?
I only need the unit for another 6 months so buying a replacement isn't worthwhile, suggestions welcome!

Daniel Thomas
June 2014

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