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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i fix my Advent 7081 laptop?

i have an Advent 7081 laptop.the light just flickers for a second but it wont start up at all .the battery is alright i checked it on another 7081.the power supply lead is fine too.could it have overheated or gone into a sleep mode?

February 2013

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Probably not an overheating problem, they tend to take at least a few minutes to manifest. All modern computers have some prety good protection against overheating and overheating damage is mostly a thing of the past. They start by underclocking, then shut down if underclocking is not enough.
The operating system need to load before it can go to sleep. As the operating system don't seems to have the time to load, it can't be the case.
Same thing for the hybernate state.

You have a far more serious problem than that:
NO CPU. In both those cases, the system detect that it's not complete and automaticaly shut down to prevent any damage to other components. Install some RAM or a compatible CPU if they are missing.
You need to open the case. Remove the battery and disconnect the charger before you open the case.

Broken or defective motherboard. You need to replace the motherboard. It may be cheaper to get a new computer.

Bad BIOS, like a BIOS update that was interupted or performed for the wrong model.
This is a fatal, terminal, irreparable, problem. A bad or corrupted BIOS totaly prevent the computer from starting, and you need to start it to repair the problem. The solution is the same as for the motherboard problem: Get a new motherboard or computer.

February 2013

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laptop advent?

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screen problem on va250p/d?

i have one of those pink hi-grade va250p/d things and its not working.....the power light comes on and the fan spins for a few seconds but nothing on screen the funny thing is that i put the screen into an advent laptop and theres nothing wrong with the screen, works perfect can anyone help...

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How do I get my keyboard to work after installation?

I have an advent 7201 laptop which I am replacing the keyboard which I have done but the keyboard doesn't work except for the bottom arrow key so it is connected right. What am I doing wrong?...

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Dec 2019

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