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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i fix my Makita bmr101 dab radio?

Ive got a Makita radio but when i switch it on it just displays 'welcome Makita' and doesnt scan for stations like it used to.

September 2012

Need to mend your Makita drill?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

mine is stuck on the welcome screen only theres nothing i can do to get rid of this at all , has anyone fixed this problem at all please

October 2017

Hi my makita radio wont turn on .it was fine yesterday but turned off and wont turn back on

May 2017

Stations not on screen to see

John norbury
April 2017

My radio won't turn on

March 2017

how can i fix my makita bmr101 dab radio?
this site is very unhelpful...
Maybe someone know how fix freezing dab makita?????

thank for any help

January 2017

after my radio would not tune in ( no service message on screen) i took it apart and found that a very small wire had broken off the ariel ( looks like its a designed to fail part ) so re soldered it on and ....... hey presto ...all good again ..happy days .hope this helps

J poulton
October 2016

Had the same problem, tried to factory reset was just freezing. This was when I was on the DAB band, so I changed it to the Fm band and it reset within seconds.

Charles Mills
May 2016

Hi all
My radio when I press on it lights up but dose not engage in any scanning or no sound but when I press band and advance still no joy

August 2015

How long did reset take ? Mines taking forever i dont know if its frozen or not

June 2015

I had same probs with makita site radio stuck on dab tuning .unscrewed antenna pressed advanced setting went on factory reset .job done .

March 2015

the radio works ok but can not access any dab channels ive tried factory reset but no joy any ideas?

February 2015

My makita dab radio basically froze up, wouldn't let you use any buttons other then power on n off. I started when I gave the aerial a little twist to make sure it was in fully while it was on. Long story short, I opened up the radio, cut the aerial wire. That made everything work (although won't tune) but at least I can set it to aux.

January 2015

It does not start up

October 2014

Press band and advanced for about 5 seconds
Then scroll though until you reach factory reset and select yes

Rob B
October 2013

did you fix it? ours does the it's frozen

wpm paving
May 2013

The very first time you switch on the radio it does a default automatic scan of DAB stations to set it up, and all the stations are then stored to memory. Therefore it doesn't need to scan each time you switch on, as it already has the information it needs.

If you feel that you actually require a new scan because you've lost access to some stations (maybe because you're operating the radio in a different area to where you were when it carried out the initial default scan), or you're not able to pick up a new station that you've heard about for instance, then you have to start the Autoscan yourself by simply pressing the Auto Tune button while the radio is on the DAB Band.

November 2012

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Hi I have a Makita drill with two batteries one battery is fine but the other charges and sometimes works , its like it has a connection fault because it can be fine and all of a sudden nothing so I fiddle a bit by slightly adjusting the battery or sometimes even tapping it . Can anyone tell me ho...

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18v makita lit/ion battery?

The 18v batteries I have will not work when fully inserted in drill or impact drip,but if I press the release button and pull the battery back about 1/8 in the drills work my line of work being HVAC this is very times the battery falls out of the drill or gets pushed all the way ...

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How do I fix my Makita DAB radio?

My Makita radio turns on a the display lights up and says welcome Makita I have tried the reset of pressing band and advance together but nothing happens does anyone have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated...

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Makita dab radio?

Once turned on, says welcome, then says tuning and thats it. Nothing works after that, even the aux in. HELP need tunes !...

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makita dab radio?

when i turn it on just says welcome makita none of the buttons respond never played up before...

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SDS keyed chuck repair?

I have a keyed chuck for an sds Makita power hammer/drill which hasn't exactly fallen apart but its mechanism has become loose and the key "cogs" unable to reach the chuck cogs to work the bit clamp. Can the chuck be reassembled?...

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batteries for makita power drills?

battery part #9000 9.6v for power drill....

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how can i fix my knackered 14.4v makita batteries ?

how can i fix my knackered 14.4v makita batteries ? must be 8 years old or should i just throw away?...

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