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windows xp re-install?

how can I re-install xp on my sons computer without disc
I know the original as printed on machine but have not got disc?can it be done by down loading from Microsoft?
if so how do i do it?

July 2011

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If you can't get any restore CD, you MAY be able to get an ISO file from the various P2P networks that you can burn on a CDR. This shoupd allow you to do the reinstall using your original CD key.

There are also some customised, and more or less official, versions of XP that are available from a variety of sources. Those usualy require you to enter a valid CD key, but it can be ANY valid key.

Also, several brand name PCs have a hiden restore partition that can be used to restore the computer to "new" state. Be warned that those will whipe any data and reinstall any crap wares that came with the computer. Mostly un-needed and obsolete stuff that you'll need to eradicate.
Some crap you WILL get are obsolete and expired trial version of some AV like Norton or McAfee. Get some FREE and excellent AV like Avira or AVG free instead.

You'll have the same problem with most restore CDs that you may get.

July 2011

I'm afraid that you will need to buy a restore CD. The computer manufacturer may be able to help in this respect.

Alternately if you have the MS License label on the machine, a local computer storer may be able to help.

July 2011

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Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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