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Question - mend, repair, fix

Husqvarna 55 rancher?

put new piston,ring and cylinder,new fuel filter,fuel line and air filter,new sparkplug,hi test gas with xp Husqvarna 2 cycle oil mixed to specs,changed gasket on carb it starts right up and idles fine but when i try to acelerate it bogs down and tries to stall,but when i let off gas it idles fine again i turned hi and lo mixtures screws every which way and nothing.Idle screws have plastic caps on them so I figured they dont want me messing with them is it worth taking them off and seeing what happens when I get more mixture screw to turn.

Kevin Parrington
March 2011

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What Broke on both my Husqvarna 350 and Rancher 455?

Both Saws Run Great, Both HAve The Same Issue It Began As They Were Cutting, The Chain Would Get EXTREMELY tight For a Second, Then Back To Normal Tension, But Sound Like Rocks Under The Clutch Cover, Which Steadily Got Worse. Eventually The The Chain Wouldn't Even Spin But The Saw Is Still Running...

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husqvarna oil pump?

Husqvarna 350.. Is there an adjuster on the oil pump to regulate oil feed. If so, where is it located?? Thank you....

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husqvarna 142?

Will not idle down can 't get the chain to stop spinning. have back idle screw out all the change in rpm. I have also check to see if carb linkage is hanging up. When my friend gave the saw to me to fix, it would run for a short time an die. I figured the fuel system&rebuild the carb. th...

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husqvarna 235 bogs out at full throttle?

Was running fine I replaced the primer bulb and now it won't idle unless the choke is open and bogs down and wants to die at full throttle...

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Husqvarna 142 chainsaw no spark?

I have already replaced the ignition module and the spark plug to no avail. Still no spark. Removed kill switch wire as well ( Not shorted ). Only thing I haven't replaced is the flywheel/magnet assy. Magnet seems to be working ( Tested with screwdriver )....

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husqvarna 350 chainsaw?

my husky 350 idles great but stalls at high speed. I have replaced carb and ign. module . compression is 90 lbs. ,also tried a new plug . anybody got an idea what the problem is?...

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Husqvarna 350 saw?

My saw leaks bar oil when it is setting. What can i do to make it stop leaking...

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Husqvarna 334 t will start won't rev up?

Will start and idle can go to quarter throttle when goes to full throttle starts to bog and sputter,...

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Thanks so much for the life saving tip.

Nov 2020

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