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Nissan navara D40 174bhp cruise control works intermittent ?

cruise control only works sometimes what do i need to check ? is their any common fault ? the set light does not light up when it does works as normal

December 2010

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Where exactly is the cruise censor on gear box for 07 navara d40

August 2016

Most common problem is the NPS switch - neutral position switch on the top of the gearbox which is a plunger type and can start sticking. Sometimes they can be removed, cleaned and oiled then refitted and all will be well. If not £50 for a new switch and £££ more to some guy in overalls to slide under your truck for 10 mins if you don't feel the need. Good luck.

Tony M
July 2014

Thanks Guys
Mine was the clutch switch
Works like a bought one now

January 2013

I had same problem, was told I need a Nissan computer diagnosis,but read that there are 3 main problems unassociated with software..3 switches disengage cruise control, brake,clutch and gearbox. My problem is the clutch pedal switch.I can reset it by putting my left foot under the clutch pedal and lift it to the max upward travel,which re-sets the switch.I could always get the green dash lamp to show cruise,but the toggle switch on the steering wheel which resets cruise made no difference until I lifted the clutch pedal up. It works fine now.

June 2012

All of the comments sound familiar,Navara D40 intermittent fault,used to work but sometimes would not activate,now all I get is green Cruise lamp but not actually in cruise mode. Specialist Auto Electrician Co say needs Nissan Software to diagnose.I'll have them check the switrches on brake pedal,clutch and neutral,thanks for all the hints and tips.

Jim Bathgate
April 2012

my cruise control will only set when i hold gear stick to the left, but goes off when i release gear stick, does anyone know how to adjust or change switch on gear box

February 2012

The issue with most d40 navara cruise control is the connection between the steering wheel and the steering mount. i believe they call it clock spiral plate, or something like that. if the vehicle is under warranty, nissan will fix gratis. if out of warranty, you're looking at au$300+. a bit unfair if you ask me as this is a part that cannot be mistreated, so obviously a manufacturing/design fault.

November 2011

i have the similar fault it switches on and off on the button but nothing happens with the car ie cruise kicking in?

May 2011

it could be the neutral switch check it drive along in top gear hold gear stick to left or right whilst engaging the cc see if that works

December 2010

I have a D40 and the cruise control is also working intermittantly. I can engage the CC and it will sometimes turn itself off, I have checked the switches on the clutch & brake pedals and adjusted them and CC still cuts out. I had Nissan check on last service, they told me there is nothing wrong with the CC

December 2010

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thermastat working waterpumps working engine not overheating only cold air blowing out why?...

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nissan navara d22 ?

my navara has recently stated throwing up the engine management light when i touch the accelerator pedal and the revs go abouve 2000rpm and then when driving it automaticly starts to rev irraticly then idle fine then start to rev again any ideas...

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the key adapter for my spare wheel is missing so i cannot crank the spare wheel down from underneath the car i have bought a new adapter but have to change the receiver as well as the spare wheel is still in position i cannot get at th crank in order to change it .having spoke to nissan they said it...

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05 nissan navara power loss?

i went out last night motor was fine i filled up with diesel then on the way home i was getting power loss then it would pick up then go flat again when i am stoped you can rev it up with no problem it does not seem to lose any power it is only when i am driving have you got any idea what may be the...

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engine oil nissan navara d22 ,year03?

i would like to know wot is the best engine oil to use in a nissan navara d22 ?...

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Nissan navara loss of power?

why does my nissan navara d22 loose power after driving a short distance as if the turbo had stopped working...

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Nissan navara 2.5 4wd?

Can any body help me in what position should the 4wd gear stick be in on normal driving as it only appears to be locked 4wd or neutral and also it says 2h / 4h but it does not seem to work. thank for any help you can give...

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Help wanted!
I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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