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Question - mend, repair, fix

Amana washing machine ALW480DAW?

My wasching machine works fine up until its time to drain . it will not drain , and there is water leaking from bottom on to my floor ... HELP !!

February 2010

Need to mend your Amana washing machine?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

First you'll need to determine where the leak is coming from. Hopefully it is as easy as replacing hoses. Take off the front covers to check. If not, then lift the lid and check the rubber grommit in the lower rear of the outer plastic tub. Then check the fill hose from the supply line. If all of these are OK, then likely you'll need to replace the hub and seals. There is a complete kit for this (, although you must also order Sealant 27615P (red 3M800) & Anti-seize compound 27604P to go with it. The dismantling does not take a manual, and the new kit tells you how to put it all back together. The ALW480DAW agitator pulls straight off, but it will take some muscle. Then a single bolt holds on the agitator drive bell & seal; remove. This reveals the transmission shaft. Four bolts hold down the inner tub; remove. You'll notice the 1 1/2" hexnut holding down the hub & lint catcher. That nut is a real bear, but a pipe wrench and a 5 lb hammer make short work of it (use liqd wrench for extra help). There's a plastic spline insert on the shaft that can be picked out and thrown away once the nut is off. There's a new one in the kit. It's time to pull off the hub, which again is a bear. Just pull up and push down enough times to free it. It may take a number of passes. After that you'll be at the bottom of the plastic outer tub. That seal head at the bottom may be leaking, so pry it off and then clean the plastic tub bottom well. You don't need to remove the tub unless you think it has a crack in it. If its OK, then at this point use your kit and its instructions to put it all back together. Don't forget to order the 27615P & 27604P!!! Good luck. I had far less instruction than this, and I got through it fine

May 2010

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June 2020

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