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Ford focus 6000 c d error e 11?

my c d working ok then just stoped then it read error e 11 radio still works

g norris
February 2009

There is more help available. Mend - ford, 6000, c, d, error, e, 11
Need to fix your Ford In-Car CD/Radio?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

did the disconneect the battery and reconnect - worked ine - thanks a mil !

January 2013

Oops... just noticed that SisterBliss suggested disconnecting the car battery. You might also disconnect the radio, leave it for about 10 minutes and re-connect it. The snag is that you have to get it out... a tricky job, and that's where the paint bucket handles come in.
The bonus side is that this method won't affect your engine electronics or the electric windows

Mick again
July 2009

Thank you, SisterBliss... your method also worked on my 6000CD and saved me the expense of having to buy a new car radio.
Some people might find getting the radio out a little difficult. What worked in my case were two wire handles from old paint buckets that I cut and bent into U shapes. Stick them into the holes on either side of the radio, exert sideways pressure (i.e. away from the radio), and hey presto, the thing will slide out.

July 2009

Thanks sisterbliss. Have just 'repaired' my 6000cd player using exactly the same method.

May 2009

Easy peasy (for me at least).
Disconnect the battery, then...
... reconnect the battery
Just done it to mine - all hunky dory.
The CD 'rebooted' - eqivalent to turning a PC off and on again!
Delighted to save the time and expense of visiting a garage!

March 2009

Error code E11 is "SPI bus failure" the correction is "check and repair wiring harness" if OK "replace audio unit" this from the Ford workshop manual

February 2009

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You saved me from having to send my drive back to have it fixed.

Apr 2018

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