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Question - mend, repair, fix

runtime error 21 ?

how can i fix a runtime error 21? it comes up everytime i start up the computer and is really annoying
please email me at if you have an answer
thank you

Justin Tijerina
August 2008

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

hypinit32.exe is fairly easy to remove...doesn't take a rocket scientist if you following these simple rules.

1. Reboot the computer and run in safe mode.
2. CTRL+ALT+DEL and bring up the task manager.
3. Go to File then RUN. Type in "CMD" without the quotes. This will get you to a DOS Prompt.
4. Go back to the task manager and go to Processes.
5. Find Explorer.exe and click on END PROCESS.
6. Find IExplore.exe and click on the END PROCESS.
7. Go back to your DOS PROMPT Command Area.
8. type in "CD \" without the quotes
9. Type in "CD C:\Windows\System32\spfx" without the quotes (Make sure to put a space between CD and C:)
10. Type in "ATTRIB *.* /s /h" without the quotes. (Make sure to put in a space between Attrib and the *.*)
11. Type in "DEL *.*" without the quotes. (Make sure to put a space between DEL and *.*)
12. Type in "CD .." without the quotes. (Make sure to put a space between CD and ..)
13. Type "RD SPFX" without the quotes.
14. To see if the directory still exists type in "DIR SPFX" without the quotes. If it says file or directory not found then your homefree. If not, then you didn't end the process explorer.exe AND iexplore.exe in your Task Manager. Start the process over.

The hypinit32.exe file was found in the outlook password recovery on a hack tool I found on one of my client's computers. I hope this helps.


Johnny P
August 2009

I have the same sort of problem after installing a new printer. any sugestions?

November 2008

Run Spyware-Terminator, its a free program and it got rid of the problem.

August 2008

I used spybot and that got rid of it

August 2008

My niece has this Facebook virus. Her systen was up and running with the error messages.

I was following the instructions here to remove it, however, since I F8 into safe mmode it now shuts down before the desktop even loads.

Anyone got steps to do this with a live linux distro, Knoppix or DSL?

Toss me a line
August 2008

You have to re-start your computer and press F8. You need to delete the virus in a safe mode. Click start then choose RUN, and type regedit. Press Control F and type ncsjapi32 then find. Delete any file related from that. After you delete them. Press control F again and type splm and spfx after and delete all related file from that as well specially when you see this file "Intelli Mouse Pro Version 2.0B" delete them even "Intelli Mouse" file. After you delete them all reboot your computer and it should be ok.
Hope everything is clear and Good Luck!

August 2008

You have to re-start your computer and press F8. You need to delete the virus in a safe mode. Click start then choose RUN, and type regedit. Press Control F and type ncsjapi32 then find. Delete any file related from that. After you delete them. Press control F again and type splm and spfx after and delete all related file from that as well specially when you see this file "Intelli Mouse Pro Version 2.0B" delete them even "Intelli Mouse" file. After you delete them all reboot your computer and it should be ok.
Hope everything is clear and Good Luck!

August 2008

my error is
Runtime Error 21 and then two windows pop up with differ numbers
i tihkn i got it from facebook!!
email me if you know something

August 2008

runtime error 21 at xxxxxxx (xxxxxx - location may not matter)

read and understand this entire post before doing anything.

Unless you have been creating restore points for every single change you ever made to your system, or unless you made a restore point just before this happened (see facebook below), do not do a system restore. System restore is for severe issues as a last resort before you decide to wipe you system. Even then, after a system restore, its really unclear as to where you system is in life but its enough to recover some data and sometimes is all thats needed. But I am recommending against system restore unless its a last resort and you absolutely know your system inside and out and have created restore points religiously. So, no system restore. Just say no.

So far that I know, this is not a fatal virus or fatal system problem, so you have time to get a friend to help you. You may be in better shape than you think. At the bottom I explain that the error could be caused because the actual virus part may already be deleted or was never installed which is what may cause the runtime errors. Dont panic.

It seems to be a botched attempt at something that either works on some PC's and causes this error on others or just doesn't work at all, not enough info. This doesnt get picked up by Norton because it is probably not a real virus-yet.

Leave the error messages alone while you work. dont click OK to either of them.
If your system freezes, and you can, click "OK" on only 1 of the error messages but not both (which one do I click? they are identical. Its a guessing game, try the first one or the 2nd one that pops up but remember which).
If you are already frozen (so you think), press the keyboard combo cntl-alt-delete to bring up the task manager. look for 2 processes with the same name (run32? - I cant remember) that you think are the error messages. kill one of them and your system should un-freeze.

Think back. Do you have a facebook account that you clicked on something on your "wall" from someone you dont know?

I'm dubbing this the "Facebook virus" for lack of anything better for the moment.

warning, from this point, you go at your own risk. my advice is for those with knowledge of the registry. Its not that hard to work in the registry, but changes are permanent and immediate.

backup the entire registry first!!!
backup the entire registry first!!!
backup the entire registry first!!!
(point made)

Look for this:
It seems to install several programs to the C:\WINDOWS\system32\splm folder: ncsjapi32.exe, kbdsapi.dll, lmfunit32.dll

I've seen others talk about a similar folder in the system32 folder as well (sp??)

search for this in your registry: ncsjapi32.exe or look in these keys
There are 3 or 4 locations. It pretends to be logitech 2.0B
HKCU,software,microsoft,windows,current version folder
HKCU,software,microsoft,windows,current version, run folder
HKLM,software,microsoft,windows,current version, run and run once folders

do not delete the entire folder. only the logitech entries within.
If you dont have a logitech device installed, typically a mouse or camera, then there shouldn't be any logitech entries in these registry folders (logitech 2.0B, logitechvideorepair etc)

something else I remembered. The entry may start with an asterisk(*) -- *logitech...

again you should have some registry knowledge or ask a friend to help you.

also look in HKLM, software,micorsoft,active setup, installed components - There is a lot of folders with just numbers or letters, then there are real folders in there. one of the named folders might say nscan or logitech. look in this folder to see if the data points to the same splm folder. if so, delete the nscan folder.

Delete the splm folder from windows\system32.

If you dont have Spybot S&D installed, its located here and is free:

A good system has spybot, adaware, windows defender and superantispyware and an antivirus program. (I'm not going to argue, I like norton for home use.) As well as a router even if you have only 1 pc at home. Zone alarm can be tricky for some so windows firewall can suffice. But I'm getting off track here.

If you have Spybot S&D installed, start the tea-timer to automatically protect those 3 locations in your registry before you make changes. Then delete the value entries (what is a value? -registry knowledge needed - in my scenario its the part that says *logitech - but again ask a friend to help if you dont know the components of the registry) then Tea-timer will popup and say "value deleted," click allow change. Then if the virus program is still running, it tries to put the entries back in and tea-timer will say "value added", click "deny and remember". Tea-timer will keep the rogue program from being able to add the startup entry back in.

then when all registry entries have been changed to removing the virus startup entry, reboot.

(remember, in the registry, for all but one, you are not deleting a folder but logitech entries (values). one of the registry locations, nscan folder, you are deleting the folder if the contents all point the already mentioned location. In windows explorer, you are deleting the splm folder. If there is no splm or similar folder found, then that part of the virus may already be gone and all that is left is the registry entry part, which is probably why it has an error, it cant find the files to run).

This above procedure worked for me but may not work for you and or may be different. Use this as a guide only to add to what others are saying.

August 2008

I had this problem too - Seems to be a bug from Facebook which has surfaced in the last week. I am on XP. If you have defender or similar and go in to your control panel the Event Viewer can pinpoint the rogue file. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer. For information about using Event Viewer, on the Action menu, click Help.

You should be able to then pinpoint the location of the rogue file - easiest if you know when the runtime error message started. My file was : windows/system32/spfx/hypinit32 and I just searched for this and deleted the file. Seems OK now.

August 2008

I was having this problem and found information about a runtime error 21 caused by some kind of virus, people are talking about it on some tech forums

August 2008

I have the same problem. Runtime error 21 at ... But the ... changes. Its started off as a 014D and is now 01DC, and has been other things as well.

Please, please, PLEASE help!

Corbin Hosler
August 2008

did you ever find out how to fix this problem? I have it too...but it constantly pops up...

August 2008

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