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McAfee says i have A w32/alemod.c.dll virus and con not bge cleaned,,,it exist in system32\wininet.dll how do i get ride of this,,,,comp is real slow and pop ups one after the other
September 2005

Need to mend your McAfee desktop pc?

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Run a virus checker before windows starts up.
This is because the virus loads in windows and thats why it can't be got at.
Boot up and press F8 or Del and select Command Mode.
Get small virus checker on floppy "A" and run it.
Worked for me but depends what virus it is of coarse.
Or try
Or get rid of macafee and load AVG its the best & free...

Mr Kipper
September 2005

One last thing... if you are going to reformat, search in google for XandrOS and download it. It is a Linux distro that behaves VERY MUCH like Windoze. You can get email from, it is called Thunderbird, the browser Firefox from them also and a calendar called Sunbird.
For office apps download OpenOffice 1.1 from guess the price.(Yup... you got it, FREE).
What do you get for the XandrOS trouble? Nothing... No viruses, No pop ups (well, actually, very limited). And a good learning tool.

September 2005

I agree... formatting is drastic but sometimes it is the only answer. HOWEVER...
Do what Joe says, great advise, I want to add to Hijackthis: Run the program and look at the results(takes about 2 seconds to get the results... it is awsome). Discard anything that is obviously a Win program. ANYTHING that you don't know what it is, copy and paste on the search bar in google or the website the Hijackthis creator has for this specific purpose. You will find that option in the prog.
Also...I want to add to the downloads:
Get Firefox from and ditch Explorer
Get Zonelabs Zone alarm, the best, bar none, firewall available at this level. It is a freebie that you can upgrade and get excellent support.
If you need another antivirus(I am sorry to tell you that McAfee leaves a lot to be desired) get AVGFree from It updates daily and provides email scanning, but the best feature is its price... FREE.

September 2005

Formatting is a very drastic action and should not be undertaken unless you are happy to lose all documents etc on your machine and emails etc. If you do full backup onto cd or zip it can be the best option but there are much easier options. The first thing is to download the following
1. Spybot Search and Destroy.
3.spyware Blaster
All you need to do is go to Google and search for the above download and install the first 3 programmes. Run spybot and let it detect spyware and remove then run Adaware and do same . If this does not work you need to run Hijackthis but under expert supervision. Please advise if you need any further detaisl

September 2005

i think your best bet is back-up mportant things, and format your harddrive,reinstalling your operating system

September 2005

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Help wanted!
I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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