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What is an F-11 error code on our Hotpoint Aqualtis AQXXF149PI?

Hiya! Our Hotpoint Aqualtis washing machine,model No. AQXXF149PI, just stopped working mid-way through the spin cycle. The LCD is displaying an F-11 error code and the water pump does not appear to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

We have already checked the filter to see if it was blocked. This was OK and did not fix the fault.

June 2008

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Fantastic. Glad I saw this before spending £79 on a Hotpoint callout!

July 2012

I just wanted to say - Dawn, thank you. I bought a brand new Hotpoint WMF940P washing machine two days ago, but after following the installation instructions rigorously, the very first washing cycle (without clothes, just detergent and water) finished with an F11 error and lots of flashing lights. I spent some time on the phone with Hotpoint and Curry's trying to get an engineer asap but I was going to have to wait over the weekend, so I was none too happy. More as a last ditch effort, I typed in the error code to Google and I ended up on this site, and saw your comment. I thought - it can't do any harm - and it certainly didn't. Exactly what you described was the problem, namely, the two red wires to the pump. I re-attached them and as I speak, I can hear the machine purring away as it goes through its first complete cycle. I suspect the problem was one of two things - either when my son and I lifted up the machine to allow my daughter to remove the large piece of polystyrene from underneath, she has accidentally detached the red cables, or else they were not attached when I brought it home. Once again, thanks for the solution - I will be cancelling the engineer tomorrow (although I'm tempted to let him come out anyway on Monday, just to show him how I fixed it with a can-do attitude and a computer)

May 2010

Good girl Dawn, well done.

July 2009

We had the same problem and had to replace the pump. When we took out the old pump, it was rather rusty. £22 later, my washing machine works again.

July 2009

Hi again!

Just thought I should keep you all updated ...

I found part of the answer via another forum. The F-11 code is for a drain pump activation failure.

After checking that the filter and dain hoses were all unblocked, I then had a thought. The machine stopped mid-way through the spin cycle while it was vibrating, so I wandered if it was going to be a wire that had shaken loose. Being an inquisitive kind of girl who likes a challenge, I decided to have a look myself.

I managed to haul the machine out from under the worktop to access the back panel. I then undid six screws to remove an inspection panel. This came off relatively easy and gave me a very good view of the water drain pump at the front. Leading to this were two red wires. I reached in to check if these were loose and ....


When I gently pushed the white plastic connector to see if it was loose, it simply clicked back into place. My washing machine is now working perfectly!


June 2008

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I used WD40 as many suggested and it worked like magic!

May 2019

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