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Steering wheel not on straight!?

Hi, how do I fix my steering wheel of my 05 reg Toyota Yaris?

I think as I understand it, the tracking itself is fine, but it's as though the steering wheel has been taken off and put back on a few degrees out - so to go straight the wheel is angled to the left. Can I just like take the wheel off and put it back on straight without it affecting the tracking itself? And if so, how?


April 2008
I think you need to be careful about this one as your steering wheel will have an airbag incorporated in it. When the car was new the wheel would have been on straight, but some thicko, when they were setting the tracking, failed to lock the wheel straight when adjusting things - a fundamental mistake. So, the wheel can be straightened by having it retracked but whoever does the job needs to know what they are doing. The wheel can be taken off as you suggest but its not a job for you (not intending to be patronising here) - and there's no guarantee that it will be exactly right afterwards.

April 2008


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