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Why does my engine smell of burning rubber after an oil top up?

I have a Chrysler neon LE R Reg 1997, 2.0L SOHC. I topped up the oil level last night (when it was a howling gale!) The wind blew some oil over the engine block (I wiped up what I could get too). Afterwards I started the engine and could smell burning rubber type of smell and saw smoke coming from the back left of my engine bay. Can anyone help me URGENTLY, please?

Clare Rowland
December 2007

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Hi Clare.
Sounds like some of the spilt oil has got onto the exhaust manifold, a small amount will probably burn it self off fairly quickly. If its a large amount you may need to have the engine area steam cleaned at your local car valetors.

Tony B
January 2008

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my 2004 chrysler grand voyager revs but wont drive over 20mph?

my chrysler will rev up fine but it wont drive faster than 20mph...

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I used my Voyager "T Reg" to a petrol station. After filling up etc, tried to start the car but the "Alarm Set / flashing light" did not go out. The car started for 2 second's and then cut out. This happened twice and then it just would not turn over. Called out the RAC and they tried in various wa...

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My Chrysler Voyager display has stopped working?

I have a chrysler grand voyager 3.3 petrol limited 2001 51 plate. The display which lights up all the buttons at night has stopped working. The radio and climate numbers work but things like the heater controls and the rear window heater etc does not light up....

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how do i fix my 91 chrysler dynasty heater ?

when I accelerate quickly the air flow switchs from the dash vents to the windshield defrost vents,when up to desired speed the air flow switches back to the dash vents,and where are the controls located...

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