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 humax foxsat-hdr?
 How to replace fan in Humax 1010s?
 Satellite Receiver?
 Sky box red light wont go out and my remote only works the TV?
 how can biss jey option?
 my coolsat satellite receiver stuck on stand by what can i do?
 I'm unable to download the software.?
 how can i fix my srt4610?
 i have a philibao decoder and it does not show the green light?
 what is the code for an LG 32" television to enter into a hand set?
 'My Select button has stopped working.?
 'My Select button has stopped working.?
 sky+ box wont come on ?
 sky+ box wont come on ?
 Freezing. Picture?
 satbox ultra s7090pvr media not alive?
 redémarrer mon recepteur satellites cloud-ibox2?
 how to fix sky remote to tv?
 freeview box?
 MY sky remote has gone dead and will not work, no red light showing?
 equivalent chasies toshiba 20vl44g2 ?
 Sky + box turning off my tv?
 Dream box 500?
 Ferguson Freeview TV Recorder F20320DTR?
 alba cdvb4?
 sky box does not record channel 4?
 % Recording available.?
 Sky Plus remote control not working on "Hold"?
 why cant I record anything?
 sagem dtr 94500s keeps going into standby?
 how can i fix my sky plus box?
 lost most ccam channels on my spiderboxhd6000 why?
 I followed the system up date and my sky box is still stuck on stanby?
 Why is philibao ph5688 (FTA) not picking up GOD TV on Sirius 4?
 Can my srt 3650 password be resetted?
 power on +hard drive?
 what is vpid?
 is there a default password to re-install a Philibao decoder?
 How can i fix it?i can no longer view sabc channels on my philibao ph-5688 decoder?
 I can't switch subtitles on?
 How to tune my Tata sky set top box(Thomsons) ?
 sky box no satsllite signal?
 Sagem HDMI will not let me access the recorded shows and freezes the machin?
 password of super max?
 how can i fix my philibao decoder?
 Remote version 9 won't work?
 skybox f3 digital sat/reciver?
 need pasword for skyboxf3?
 I looking for the code for a swisstec 37" model no sky-EO37/W1SG remotecont?
 how do i fix the time on my sky plus?
 my remote light on skybox doesn,t flash ?
 Re previous question!!?
 I cant wach same chanels on my thunderbolt t999 Decoder?
 sky+ remote battery life?
 password for thunderbolt decoder?
 instruction ?
 Lost info?
 ct-r1200 ultra?
 My sky plus box is on stand by and will not switch on? ?
 sky remote probs?
 how do i fix my Thompson box?
 Using the pause button on sky plus recordings?
 How can i fix sky plus box that is stuck standby?
 Humax stuck in search?
 remote does not control pace Sky plus box?
 new internet tv boxes?
 sky plus?
 sharp tu-tv252h keeps powering on?
 sharp tu-tv322h wont switch on?
 how to find my sky+ universal dv3 remote code?
 Linking sky+ remote with new tv?
 remote control?
 How can I get my Sky Hand set to control volume?
 digilogic dstb 1000?
 my sky remote (rev 8 standard) is not functioning with the tv ?
 sky remote?
 no signal?
 sky remote wont turn tv on and off, have to use tv remote to do that?
 SkyHD remote?
 My Sky remote is not working properly?
 no satellite signal being received. sky + box?
 Thompson TUTV remote?
 How to correct my Duraband Freeview receiver?
 Alexandre Meerkat?
 My Sky+ HD remote record button does not function.?
 Why will my sky box not hold the added channels works ok on the other box i?
 how format hard drive in 15 min?
 live international?
 how can I fix my Panasonic TU-CT41?
 How can I fix my sky+?
 How can I fix my Luxor Top up tv remote control handset?
 reset or reprogram channels?
 Sky Box recording?
 series link gone?
 Red light on remote stays on when trying to tune to tv?
 how can i fix my thomsen digital tv recorder?
 power supply failure ampstad drx280 sky box?
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