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Mend a computer
Fix a tumble dryer
Service your car
Patch software
Mend a DVD player
Increase water flow
Fix a vacuum
Mend your mobile
Repair a mower
Configure a firewall
Fix your TV

...and loads more!

Still stuck?
If you're having difficulty using how to mend it .com, and you can't find the information you need on this page, contact us for help.

This page contains all the help and information you should need to use how to mend it .com

Getting started
how to mend it .com contains a large database of questions which have been added by users. Other users help by adding answers. Anyone is free to add either questions or answers. No membership or account is required and it is completely free. Click here to add a question.

The questions are organised into categories. To find help or advice you first need to go to the most appropriate category for the item you need help with.

For example ... If you want to find out how to mend your computer, you would select one of the computer categories. Depending on the type of computer you have, you would select either Desktop Computer, Handheld Computer, or Laptop Computer.

Click here to view the categories.

Is it really free?
Yes. It costs nothing to add your question (or answer somebody else's question.) You don't need to have an account or login either.

How do I add a question?
The easiest way to add a question to a category is to select the category and then complete the form at the bottom of the page. Click here to view the categories.

You can also use the more comprehensive Add A Question Form.

Can I add a question if there doesn't seem to be a suitable category?
If you can't find a suitable category for your question, contact us and let us know which category you would like us to create. Click here to contact us.

It is important to add your question to the correct category. You are much more likely to receive useful answers if other users can find your question.

Where will answers to my question appear?
A new page will have been created for your question. To find this page (if you haven't bookmarked it) navigate to the category you selected and look for your question. Click on your question's header in the list. The page with your question on will be shown. Any answers to your question will be shown below your question. (Look for the heading "Answers".)

If you have any difficulty finding your question try searching for it. Click here to search for your question. Search by entering some of the key words you used when you wrote your question.

How do I add an answer?
At the bottom of each question page you'll find the Add An Answer Form.

How do I add a follow-up question?
how to mend it .com is not designed to allow follow-up questions. Each page is designed for a single question only. This approach prevents the page's original subject being lost in the mix of several concurrent discussions.

Please add a new question and pose your problem in a way which will enable other users to help you further.

How can I help answer questions?
If you like answering the questions on this website, the Unanswered Page provides a quick way to find all the unanswered questions in each category. Simply select the category you can help with and browse through the unanswered questions. (You're welcome to answer as many as you like.) Click here to see the unanswered questions.

Are there any restrictions regarding what I can add?
Your text should be either a question seeking information regarding how to mend an item, or information in the form of an answer provided to assist another user.

The following will not be added ...

  • Postings which are off-topic.
  • Postings which contain inappropriate language.
  • Postings in a language other than English.

How can I contact how to mend it .com?
You can email us using the Contact Us Form. Click here and complete the form.

How can I delete my question?
There is not normally any need to remove a question from our index. how to mend it .com is designed to build into a valuable online information resource. Your question and the answer, will contribute to this.

If you do wish us to delete your question ...

  • navigate to the page which contains your question.
  • copy the URL in your browser's Address Bar - the URL will be similar to
  • email us using our Contact Us Form, ask us to remove your question and state why you would like your question to be removed. Include the copied URL in your email.
What is the Verification Code?
Verification Codes need to be entered before you can add a question or answer to how to mend it .com.

The Verification Code is necessary because it can help us to prevent automatic systems from adding unsolicited promotional messages to how to mend it .com. The codes are displayed on our forms as pictures which automatic systems cannot read. This prevents automatic systems completing the forms. You however, can simply type in the code displayed.

Can I report abuse or inappropriate text?
Yes. There is a link on each question page which enables you to easily alert us to abusive or inappropriate entries.


Where can I read the Small Print?
Click here to read our Small Print page.

Where can I read the Privacy Policy?
Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

Can I link to how to mend it .com?
We'd be very happy for you to link to how to mend it .com. We've made it easy for you. Below is the text link (with the html code) which you should use to link to us ...

If you want to link to how to mend it .com using a text link,
To mend, fix, or repair just about anything, click here - how to mend it .com

insert this html code into your website ...

<a href="">To mend, fix, or repair just about anything, click here - <strong>how to mend it .com</strong></a>

How can I add a link to my website?
how to mend it .com does not exchange links with other websites.

How can I advertise on how to mend it .com?
At the moment how to mend it .com is selling all remaining advertising placings via Google's Adwords programme.

For more information about Google Adwords please click here.

Fix what?
Software, Media Players - fix/mend/repair/service information
Heating, Fan Heaters - fix/mend/repair/service information
Leisure Equipment, Sports Equipment - fix/mend/repair/service information
Help wanted!
Help - Can you help answer these questions?
Hytec dimmer switch?
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How can I fix my 89100 model Dualit mini oven?
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MV530I Camcorder Fault?
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DNS derver not responding?
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daf cf 85 ?
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Attempting repairs can be dangerous.
In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional.
Ensure you have read our Small Print page before using information supplied via this website.

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