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How to fix "out of range" message when phone is on base?

The problem is basically that the phone has an "out of range" message even when sitting on the base. There are two handsets and they both display the same message. There is no dial tone, there is nothing when trying to access the line. I have Vonage phone service and I am sure that the internet and the phone adapter are working. I don't think that it is a power issue either. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

November 2007
You have not mentioned the make or model of your phone so here are a couple of things you can try assuming that the power supply is working.
1. Remove the power to the base, wait 5 mins and re-connect.
2. Try to re-register the handsets (if your system supports it).
Other wise it may well be that the base unit is faulty.

November 2007

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