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McCulloch Trimmac 210 Strimmer - engine seized?

My McCulloch Trimmac 210 Strimmer seems to have seized. While I was using it it made a strange noise, stalled and now I can no longer pull the starter cord. Where can I get it repaired?

Greg Watts
April 2005
Try Engine Release, it's the best for this kind of thing and they give your money back if it fails. Worked for my JD lawn tractor!

September 2008
take out the spark plug and pour in wd40 in the hole but leave for 3 weeks. I have read that this works like a penetrating oil, then pull the cord gently to see if the piston has freed. If this does not work gently rock the flywheel back and forth to see if it loosens.

andre edmonds
July 2007
hi, have you mixed oil in the petrol. if it is a cold seize there is no point getting it fixed as this will cost, and as they are so cheap i might aswell get a new one

June 2007
the pullstart may have fouled in the crankshaft and jammed it, remove entire pullstart and check. its easy to put back, just bolt it on. nothing should fall out or go 'ping' if it does its dead. could also be a broken piston ring, which burnt all the oil, overheated the engine and seized it. check oil levels to see.

May 2005


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