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Creda 37468 tumble drier belt replacement?

How do I change the belt on a Creda 37468 tumble drier

Derek Wyatt
June 2004
Hi all, after reading this I set to my creda easy-load condenser. here are a few things I noted to add to this item for people who follow it;

You'll need the belt, I got a 1701141 from quick delivery, price 10.28 inc

You'll need a screw driver and long nose pliers (or any pliers)

Method - looking at the front of the machine first take off the right side undoing the screws under & back. You'll clearly see where the old belt has been. The spindle end you put the belt on goes inside palastic casing. Now you know what you need to do but getting the casing off is not easy because the drum stops it lift off. So you'll need to undo the top, front and other side - try not to move the machine around to much or the filter and other bits and bobs will move and they are a pain to get back (but not impossible). Left the drum or better still get someone else to lift the drum up enough so you can remove the plastic casing (its only fixed in with clips but on mine I had to cut a wire tidy). Under the casing you will see what looks like a hamster cage. This is held in by a clip - use pilers to remove the clip then pull the hamster cage off the spindle. It will be tight so you might want to use a bit of WD40 but remember don't move the machine about to much getting it off.
Once that is off it's easy enough to manuvour the balt on to the spindle end then around the drum (the should be just enough space at the front of the drum to turn the balt sidways and pull it half on the drum. Now before you anything else put the plastic casing back and screw up the bottom. This will keep the drum and other items in place while you turn the drum till the whole of the belt is on the drum. Then go back tot he spindle end and make sure the belt teeth are in the groves provided on the spindle. The drum should move around easy now. If the filter and other bits stayed in place you should now be able to screw everything back and test works. It took me 2 hours but at least 1 hour was due to letting the filter fittment fall out and other bits. Because I moved the machine about too much while the bottom and side screw where out.

July 2004
If this is similar to the Creda Compact then you need to remove the 4 screws that are on the bottom holding the sides on. Remove the timer knob and you should find a screw behind it, there should be another on the fascia panel that the heater timer knob is set in.

Remove the 15 or so screws from the back.

Slide the top & sides off and you should then be able to access the drum & pulley arrangement. The belt goes on from the front.

These are the instructions I got yesterday, my daughter's machine needs the belt changing and I could not find the way into it.

Peter C
June 2004

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