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Which is the best glue for sticking back bits of trim?

All the nasty plastic bits on my car are falling off. I've tried to stick them back with a contact adhesive but this didn't hold them for long. Is there a good product I should use?

Will T
September 2003
double sided tape is good but seldom works on old trims, either fit new trims or you can use sickoflex (also know as stickaflex) this is a PVUa glue commonly used in bonded windscreen fitting, it must be noted though that once you stick them on with this stuff they are on for life and it takes about 4-5 hours to cure

den harris
March 2006
Many external trims can be replaced using an automotive double sided-sticky tape. This does not contain strong solvents unlike some adhesives so provided your paintwork is sound it will not damage it. Make sure both surfaces are clean and dry before attempting a repair. You should be able to purchase the tape from a motor spares shop (3M make a good one) the store will probably advise you further on its application.

Gary Hermer
October 2003


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