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Has my Silavent CUR7003B Timer fan packed up?

The Fan in my bathroom started making a load noise but still worked then one day I pulled the light cord and it did not switch on with the light.

I have opened the cover and have removed fluff and noticed a burn patch on the small circuit board all wires are intact.
After trying without luck to get a sparky to even come out and have a look at it, I would like to know if I purchased the above unit which is a like for like or the next model up Silavent CUR7004B extractor fan do I just connect the wires or is there anything else that needs to be done. also where can I buy it from

January 2007
Same problem

Moisture clearly drains down the large copper pins and short on the board.
Looks like a design flaw.
Northlogic Ltd that used to make the circuit boards for them has gone out of business (late 2016?).
So getting the, say £15, circuit board is now out of the question.

February 2018
There is a timer board for sale on ebay

John G
March 2010
Silavent 7oo3B cost about £60-00 new - cheaper than a call out from a spark. Replace the old unit with new - connect wires like for like. Remember to isolate the supply beforehand. Good luck

Tony McDonald
November 2009
same 4 me i had a silavent ceiling bathroom fan and it too burnt a patch on the circuit board due to moisture entering

December 2008
Same problem here and it happened in March 2007. Strange that they all seem to be packing up around the same time... Any ideas

May 2007
I had the exact same,with burn patch on circuit board but have a problem with replacement's timer - All or nothing - please help!

Vic X.
January 2007


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