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A vcr counter rewinding issue?

Hello. I have a digilogic 2 vcr & dvd combo unit.
Amazingly I have managed to see and hear the picture on my smart TVs, using a scart cable from each, Using the av setting.
However, on some vhs tapes, which are mid way through I cannot fully rewind the tape, as it seems to reset to a 00:00 counter point that I didn’t set.
Is there any easy way to override the zero counter point please? I want to be able to log the tape from the true beginning of the tape.
Thank you. I do realise that it is 2022 and this request might be difficult to answer. I even have the instruction booklet, but the troubleshooting guide doesn’t have this as a problem .

May 2022
There's the opportunity to rewind to counter zero and the option to just rewinduntil tape end/stop.

Manual here:

Pages 29,30 or thereabouts look useful
May 2022


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