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Cant wash clothes?

my washing machine is stuck on a clean BUT i cannot stop[ it unless i turn it off,then later backon and it starts the prog again.i left i BUT it went for 3 hours with boiuling hot waterso i switched it off and tried again today and all same wrong.what can i do?

April 2022
A vital piece of advice seems to have been removed from my earlier response.

There are thousands of washing machines available, all different, some with well known propensity to specific faults

You didn't state either the make nor model of your machine. Without that we are stuck.

Please re-post, giving the necessary information.

April 2022
As far as I can tell, the machine is stuck continuously heating.

This suggests a temperature sensor or thermostat may have failed but we'll reserve judgement until we know what kind of machine we are dealing with.

April 2022

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