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Bosch Maxx 6 How to remove front panel?

I am trying to change the washing machine door seal on my bosch Maxx 6 WAB28161GB but it has no removable bottom kick plate unlike in all the online videos. I am stuck on how to remove the front panel. I have removed the screws behind the soap dispenser and removed the top. I can't see how to remove the control panel which might be the next step so I can slide the door panel up.

August 2021
Un plug it and turn off the water and remove the drain pipe.
Lay it on its side and undo the three bolts underneath the front cover.
Turn it back upright.
Remove the clamp around the outer seal and pull the seal off and push the rubber into the drum.
Take off the lid (2 screws at the back)
undo the two screws on the top of the front panel. (left and righthand side)
remove the dispenser tray.
undo and remove the three screws you can see around the tray
when your in front of the machine, on the right there is a clip on the control panel that needs to be released, then the four plastic strips from the panel that clip to the frame need to to released one at a time right to left, this should then release the front panel.
Undo the two screws at the top of the front panel. (left and righthand side)
The panel is now not connected, but it is held in place by some upside down keyhole shaped clips, so the panel needs to be pushed down so that the large part of the hole in the front panel will come over the clip (you may need another pair of hands to tip it back so it has enough space to move).
Panel should then be free except for the door interlock cabling. This is on a socket so should pull off easily.
If your changing the element, don't bother taking the front off its in the back on this model.

March 2023

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