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Cause of Ready light flashing on a WFG2420 washing machine?

Hello,please help with a Bosch WFG2420GB washing machine fault diagnosis.
The 'Ready' light started flashing and the door was unlocked near the end of a 60deg C. Cottons/linens cycle with water still in the drum.Selecting drain to remove the water from the drum did nothing at all, so the water was drained manually with the tube at the base of the machine.
The pump cap was removed but no significant debris etc was found.The pump impeller can be turned Ok by hand so is not blocked.The cap was refitted.The drain hose at the back of the machine was removed and cleaned. It was not blocked but had congealed soap powder in it.Also the house drain was checked and was not blocked.With normal safety precautions the covers were removed.The small tube from the soap dispenser to drain trap was completely blocked with congealed soap powder, so was cleaned and is clear now.The trap bottle was removed and found to be quite heavily clogged in soap powder etc so was thoroughly cleaned and refitted.The other hoses from the soap dispenser were all checked and found to be Ok.As the drum electric motor was due for some new carbon brushes (12 years since last changed,),some new carbon brushes were purchased and fitted Ok.The drum sump hose to pump was removed and found to have some small amount of debris around the jointo drum and some congealed soap powder so was given a good clean and the float was checked and found to close off the hose correctly when water backs up the hose.The pump was removed and tested with power and found to operate Ok, so was cleaned and refitted.There does not appear to be any power being supplied to the pump or door interlock when checking with a test meter so something has caused the power to switch off to these components.The 'Ready' light still flashes when selecting any setting on the dial, so please help,what is causing this? Also, is there a reset procedure and what is it, to clear a fault and let the machine start?

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July 2021

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