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Replacing my DUALIT power adapter (SA110C-12BS-I?

Hi, my DUALIT DAB Radio's (model no. DLR-1) adapter has stopped working. I've established that the radio works, using rechargeable batteries, but when I connect the adapter, without the batteries the radio does work.

The rechargeable batteries also don't get charged once in the radio with the adapter connected.

Do you know where I can get an equivalent power adapter? The adapter's model number and spec are: SA110C-12BS-I, 12V INPUT- 100-240V, 50-60Hz 0.3A, OUTPUT 1A 12W & the SKU is 71010

May 2021
EBay is full of 12V adapters. Just make sure you get one capable of at least 1amp and fitted with the right connector in the correct polarity (usually positive on the centre, negative on the outer, but do check)

Good luck
May 2021

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