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Siemens 'Check water suppy' fault?

Hi, Re Siemens SN658D00MG dishwasher 'check water supply' fault light showing.
I've unscrewed the inlet hose [ with waterstop ] and the end filter is crystal clear.
I've attached another water pipe and turned on the isolation tap to fill a bucket to prove there is more than adequate flow and pressure.
I've checked the wiring connections from the waterstop at the entry to the machine.
I've removed the lefthand side panel and checked the solenoid terminals - there is continuity across the solenoid but no voltage showing at the supply connection.
There is food residue [ staining ] in the waste portion of the balance tube array but the waste pipe and sink connection are clear - no kinked pipes..
I'm now stuck and would appreciate any help please.
Thanks, Graham

April 2021


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