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water stays in machine, does not pumping it out?

What is wrong, if it sounds that the water are pumping out, but the water stays in the dishwasher. On witch stages the water must pump out, so I can ckeck if the pump is working?

March 2021
All dishwashers run the drain pump first at start, to clear any dirty left over water. Start a cycle and listen. The drain pump should be heard running for approximately 30 seconds before stopping and the fill begins. If you can't hear anything then either the pump has a blockage or the pump may be broken and need replacing.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
March 2021
Quite likely the pump is blocked. The manual is a good place to start. If you need to ask again, just make sure you give the make and model of your machine, otherwise we won't have a clue.

March 2021


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