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Carburettor governor spring location?


I've acquired a used Mountfield 725M ride on mower fitted with a Briggs and Stratton Intek Pro 65 motor which has an issue with starting. It seems to relate to the governor link spring location and possibly there may be another spring and or linkage missing? I can start it by turning the lever at the carburettor end of the governor link (or what I assume is the governor link) to sit against the adjustment screw. But the natural position for this link is to sit away from the screw stop so it won't start unless I take the air filter off and delve down to access this link. This makes me think either the spring is positioned incorrectly or there is another spring or link missing. I've tried repositioning the spring to various positions and tensions and can't find one that sets the lever against the adjustment screw for starting and lets the governor adjust this lever to regulate the engine speed once its started. I have a photo of how it is but there doesn't seem to be a way to attach it to this query. A photo or diagram of how this is supposed to be set up would be extremely helpful.

Mark Baker
September 2020


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