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2001 renault megane dynamic back door jammed shut?

I have a 2001 megane dynamic the drivers side passenger door won't open from outside or inside how can I get it open don't no if the child lock is on all the other doors lock and unlock open and close apart from this one please help step by step if possible to get it open

January 2020
Rather than blindly ripping door card off, I tried what both you and "Rupert" could have done - a quick internet search.

Pretty quickly I found it is a common problem, with lots of sites and forums mentioning it.

I THINK you may have the kiddie lock turned on, on that door.

Read the first few posts here:

And a few posts here

More, from YouTube:

Loads more out there for those prepared to look

January 2020
First try getting someone to push hard or shoulder the door from the inside whilst you open door handle from the outside and then same again whilst trying the inside door latch. If this does not work, I would suggest that you have a mechanical failure of the lock mechanism. I've no experience to offer on your particular car, but repair would involve removing the door card (internal door trim) to expose the varoius rods and levers inside the door shell. This will be difficult with the door closed but should be possible eventually. The worse case could involve destruction of the door card and need a replacement sourcing from eBay!

January 2020

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