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bosch wan28100?

washer displaying 3rd symbol from top left on display when wash selected but machine will not start, it is displaying locked door symbol but door interlock giving clicking sound

jack spratt
December 2019
Hi Jack, if the symbol you are referring to looks like: "a circle with dot in the middle and a water droplet at the 2 o'clock position" this is the reminder to perform a drum cleaning procedure. You can clear this by turning the control knob to the 4 position and then pressing the "Ready In" button.
Better still, just run the drum clean program, no clothes in drum, set to 60 degrees and half a measure of detergent..

As you didn't provide the exact model number, I've taken a guess at which features your version has got, so above info may not apply to some variants. Below you will find a PDF link to the manual for one of the early versions, bring up page 37 and then 32 for details.

December 2019

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