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Bosch Exxcel 1200 express washing machine.?

It will not spin.
The belt is OK.
Suggestions please.

Paul B.
February 2019
I removed part of bra wire from pump. I had to replace brushes, replaced motor yesterday. ok for empty cycle but as soon as weight inside inner drum .Is this because there maybe still some object in the inner drum. Ive just put on empty cycle, now when draining, the pump making awful noise. The error code light on the start/pause button, has turned from a continuous red, to an flashing yellow, what exactly does this mean?????

A Summer
September 2020
Most times if the motor will not turn it is because the carbon brushes on the motor have worn right down and need replacing. You would have to take the motor off and remove the brushes and check. The tip that sits against the armature in the motor should be shiny. If it is not making a good contact it will be dull & blackened. Google changing carbon brushes, there are plenty of videos.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
February 2019

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