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NADA but Error mess.Changed the batteries in my Sharp ER-A330 Cash Register?

Nothing but Error mess since I changed the batteries in my Sharp ER-A330 Cash Register. I've never had a problem changing the PLU numbers for my little seasonal fireworks biz, but up to this point, the batteries didn't NEED to be changed.
When I try to program the items, all I get is beeping and NO numbers appear on the "screen".
I've read the manual again & again but can't see exactly what it is that I did orrrrrr didn't do, to cause this.
I've got a "theory" that perhaps if NO numbered cashier is put in FIRST, it might not accept anything UNTIL that's done. I was just going to "try" and "assign" a cashier but in the manual it says something about using a "secret" code which it MUST be a good "secret" cause I have NO idea WHAT it could be.
All that info was in the manual and under the titled page: PRIOR TO ENTRIES, which I "assume" would be any PLU numbers...
I didn't "realize" that JUST changing the batteries would involve a PILE of "other" things that would have to be done before it's "USABLE" and to top it off, my "OPENING" day was YESTERDAY...YIKES.
I've had to do ALL my sales with an adding machine that it going to beyond CRAZY, the closer to Halloween it gets. Not realizing all this would happen to me, I'm in a SEVERE "Time Crunch"!
I've been trying to find somebody orrrr some site that could walk me thru the whole procedure but so far the ONLY sites that I've found that look like they "might" be able to help me, do NOT deal with customers from Canada and I've gone Google CRAZY looking for the same type of site here in Canada, with NADA bit of luck...
I don't mind PAYING to have someone help me soooo IF by chance ANYBODY could recommend someone...maybe point me in the right direction, I'd be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!!

October 2018
Yes, sounds like no cashier logged on (which will happen when batteries changed).

If you haven't sorted it yet, try this:

Turn key to REG mode.
Press 1 on the numeric pad.
Press the button in the TOP RIGHT corner marked CASH#
You should see -01- on the display.
It will now work again.

You're welcome.

October 2018


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