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how can i play my record player to my computer?

its a ak5371 model no go 2900 made by garbo it has riaa equalizer .rca line for audio amplifier .usb connection to record with pc.output is 160/380 rom with software .;;plug it to computer it does not work . I also have no instructions or booklet . can anybody help please????

keith c
December 2017
This MAY help a bit - it describes a USB connected player based on the same chip as I think yours is, so the comments about built-in Windows USB drivers etc., should be relevant.

You may also likt to try Audacity software once you have the thing connected. I find it quite good. You need to instal the LAME MP3 encoder - they aren't allowed to distribute it "packaged" - but there are simple instructions on the Audacity website.

December 2017

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