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I have code E showing on my Scantronic 9827 pad Can't activate alarm?

Scantronic 9827. Having changed the battery I tried to activate the alarm but pad display shows E. I have attempted to re set the system using the manufactures code without success. I had a similar problem some years ago (not replacing the system battery) and used the code ~~0789099 which worked . The ~~ represent other symbols, for security reason I have not shown them.
I would be very grateful for any advice on how to remedy the problem. As far as I am aware the system is not in engineer mode. Thank you

September 2017
on the "e" stands for engineering mode if your finshed with the mode key in 99 enter and the panel resets back to day mode

November 2017
the fac engineer code is 07890 not what you put in but pro pro installers like me always change the code to their own code

November 2017


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