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Daf 45 M Reg Fuel Issues/Power Issues?

Hey Guys, Some help please.
My M Reg Daf 45 is having some issues. After about 20min of driving she started to surge and lose power. Stopped her, fired her back up and works fine for about 2 min then nothing again.
Changed lift pump, and fuel filter. Took her out Sunday and she flew, like a new lorry. 45 min drive to the show, and then home. Half way home she went again, surging and lack of power. Manage to get home at 10mph.
I have stripped her down I have removed the electric strangle, that's not the fault, I have opened up the fuel filter and its half full. Lift pump appears to be working fine and pumping strong. Any ideas??

July 2017
Thanks K. We've ruled out the tank by bypassing it from another.
On the yard at moment she's running sweet. Just seems to be once she's really warm. I'm wondering if copper washers are expanding and letting air in.

July 2017
it sounds like there may be something in fuel tank that is intermittently blocking tank output pipe, [had similar once on ldv van which turned out to be a small piece of crisp packet in tank]

July 2017


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