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citroen xsara picasso 1.6hdi 55reg very soft brake pedal?

Following the change of both rear brake calipers and subsequent bleeding, (pressure and two man bleed) car has a very soft brake pedal and almost no brake effect. Calliper change was due to initial brake fluid leak. Fluid level is normal and no air from any wheel.

Xsara Ed
June 2017
have you tried clamping off flexible hoses to determine which circuit is at fault?also are the callipers the correct ones? bleed nipples at top of callipers?

June 2017
Did you wind out the pistons?
They're suppose to be automatic but I always manually adjust them.
What you have is the pistons in the callipers are not out far enough so when you apply the brake all that movement is taken up by the callipers/pistons taking up the slack if you like.

June 2017

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