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electrolux front loader -buzzing noise on fill?

Somebody says may be a faulty / blocked solenoid inlet /pump?
Can anybody help please

May 2017
The water valve isn't blocked or clogged. (how can it if only clean cold water flows through it?)
When the valve doesn't seem to open, the cause is often a rupture in the rubber membrane that's inside.
I don't know if you can order this membrane apart or have to buy a new valve all together.

Greetz from Amsterdam

Frank Heuvelman
November 2019
The solenoid is activated by AC current (50/60Hz)
Sometimes when the windings aren't winded tight enough, the coil can cause a (50/60Hz) humming noise.
This is nothing to worry about. Nothing goes wrong and nothing gets hot or can cause harm in any way.
When people tell you to replace the valve, ignore them. They are speaking in their own interest, not yours.

Greetings from Amsterdam

Frank Heuvelman
November 2019
Brilliant got top off but can't get the solenoid out -seems clipped in somehow --HELP
can i see inside /test for partial/ blockages once out?
thank you heaps

May 2017
Take the top lid off and inlet valve is right there.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
May 2017
model ewf 10831 electrolux f/loader
can anyone talk me thru getting access to solenoid/inlet valve/filter please
seems as tho the back is not removeable -or very difficult to

still frustrated
May 2017
have checked filters on hose -
even took one out -still buzzing?

May 2017
The Buzzing noise is the water inlet valve,
Reason is that the water pressure is too low, may be due to the water filters, one in the water hose and one in the machine valve. Check and clean, may sort the prpblem.

May 2017
Turn the tap on.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
May 2017
thank you very much

May 2017
If it washes the clothes then the problem is only the buzzing noise.

If water enters the machine then the solenoid is probably operating correctly.

There is no inlet pump - water enters under the pressure in the supply pipe.

Solenoids (electrical coils) sometimes lose their mechanical integrity - the coils of wire can become loose and vibrate and this is what you may be hearing - transformers can buzz too.

The inlet solenoid is very easy to replace - you can do it yourself or have a service engineer do it for you or alternatively just live with the buzzing.

There is no need to be alarmed...

Good Luck...
May 2017


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