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Doulbe pane windows make contiuous noise?

I have 4 windows that came with the house that are Jen Weld windows. I live on a busy street and when the windows are closed they make a low pitch whistle or humming noise. Open the windows and it stops.
What should I do to remedy this?

bob villa mom
April 2017
Aunt of mine had a noise that sounded like bagpipes. I located the problem as the mastic seal around the top of the frame. That is between the window frame and the window frame reveal. If there is an air gap then air is forced/drawn out producing harmonics. If you opened the door or any other window it would stop the noise. I temporarily ran sellotape around the top of the frame about six months ago, it is still there, but no noise. Use caulking or mastic. Check it out by pressing a moist cloth along the window frame/reveal seal to locate the gaps. Sometimes the wall paper in the window frame reveal hides the gaps. Good luck.

Ron from Wigan
October 2017
It can only be the outside airflow causing the glass pane(s) to vibrate. You might consider a creative way of changing the external air movement. Perhaps even a small strip of adhesive tape on the glass.

Good Luck...
April 2017


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