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How can i fix my white knight condenser B96G8w ?

Work but no heat error E2 heater faulty
Can i reset ? And how?
Other trik please?
Many thx

Wadad rkein
April 2017
There is a reset button is on the back. But I suspect I am going to get some body out as everything else is working. It's blowing cold air. The other issue itcould be is a timer fault. All areas that are accessible are free of dust n fluff. I'm very careful due to how easily they go on fire .

April 2021
Manual here:

It does talk about a cut-out that may operate if the machine isn't kept clear of fluff but doesn't mention a reset button.

See this FAQ page form White Knight, however:

If there is no cutout then, as "Good Luck" says, the heater may be duff.

April 2017
The machine is telling you that there's a fault with the heater.
It's very probable that the heating element is defective and will need to be replaced - but I just guess. I do not believe that there's a trick or a reset to solve your problem. Do it yourself or call in an engineer.

Good Luck...
April 2017

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