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Repair oil heater TRD4 0820T?

How to repair delonghi oil heater TRD4 0820T my grandson put his house coat over it for coming out of shower now its not working think Thermostat gone can it be fixed

mary shearer
February 2017
As I have found, the thermal switch, in my De Longhi Bambino heater can be re-set manually so that there is no need to buy a replacement. The button is in the back between the two electrical connectors.

To get at it on my Bambino, which may be similar on other De Longhi oil filled heaters, I had to unscrew the foot on the controls side, then two more screws in the metal bit behind and then unhitch the metal bit from a socket near the top.

February 2018
According to this link...

There's a safety overheat cutout - a thermal fuse - it melts and shuts off the power. As a temporary fix you can "bridge it out" or bypass it by joining its two wires together - buy a new thermal fuse and fit it yourself or have a service person do it for you.

There may be dangers in operating the heater with the safety fuse bypassed - especially if someone covers it with wet clothes.

Do not blame the grandson - unless of course he was given a warning not to do what he did.

Good Luck...
February 2017


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