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450 ohm resistor on Kenwood chef A701A?

I am suspecting that the 450 ohm resistor is faulty. It is giving open circuit.
I found a replacement on ebay but i feel it is expensive. It is wire wound 15w resistor.
My question is can I put a "450 Ohm 5% 50 Watt Aluminum Shell Wire Wound Resistor" instead. It is way cheaper and being 50 watt should be more relaxed.

February 2017
Amazon will sell you a 450 Ohm resistor

Wire Wound for Kenwood Chef £58 for 3 of them... 15Watts

Other 450 Ohm resistors from £2.35 at 25Watts

One at 50 Watts for £2.05.......

Go for the cheaper option

Good Luck...
February 2017


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