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Fisher & Paykel smart drive ?

My fisher & paykel smart drive top loader won't drain it is stuck on the last spin cycle.

Racheal Wright
February 2017
Probably a blockage in drain pump. If you put it on final spin, press start & listen if there is a faint humming sound down low at front. If there is, that will be the pump trying to go. You will have to remove as much water as posible by hand using a small jug to lighten the weight. Then tip machine back against wall as far as you can. Look under at front right hand side of bowl. Locate the drain pump & turn the plastic fan around a few times & see if it comes free. Stand machine up & put on spin & press start. Hopefully pump will keep running & empty last of water out. Then you really need to remove the pump & check for any debris up inside the opening.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
February 2017

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