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Started our 1993 daf 45 when in gear by mislast week it was very Cold day ?

Hi by mistake we started our 1993 daf horsebox up, it was a very icy cold day. It went to start jolted forward a little and now won't start all the buzzer and lights come up but you turn last turn to start and dead. Any ideas? Thought might have jammed the starter motor?

January 2017
Probably the starter as you say though getthe inhibitor sorted s you shouldnt be abe to start it in gear

February 2017
I have had this symptom several times over the years on my saloon car(s) - the solution has always been to put the vehicle in gear and to rock it back and forwards - the teeth of the drive dog on the starter (bendix gear) have failed to engage with the flywheel and have just jammed up against it - rocking the vehicle in gear just moves the flywheel enough for the bendix gear to retract.

I have no experience with large vehicles - I just guess...

Good Luck...
January 2017

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