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how to find cause and fix no idling when eng cold nissan x trail 2.2 dci.?

nissan x trail 2.2 dci 2006. starting from cold engine it starts easy runs for few seconds then cuts out and is more difficult to restart. Iif you keep revs above 1000, drives and pulls ok but untill it reaches running temp it will not tick over. changed fuel filter, fuel priming bulb, scv and cleaned egr. No engine fault lights but turbo sencer code came up when scaned. Hope this is red herring or is it related ? any ideas or costructive comments.

harry parmer
October 2016
Why not search for this problem??

Based on a quick 60 seconds with Google, it seems to be a recurrent issue. If YOU do a more diligent search it will probably throw up some solutions.

Google is your friend. USE IT. Don't expect others to do it for you.
October 2016


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